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Recovered patients call for plasma donation

23 Sep 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

In response to a call of the Department of Blood Banks Services of the Ministry of Health, a group of volunteers who have recovered from COVID-19 are donating blood plasma to help save lives of those critically ill with the disease.

Muscat Daily spoke to a few volunteers about their tryst with the disease and their reasons for donating blood plasma. 

Dawood, one of the volunteers recovered from COVID-19, said, “I started to have symptoms of COVID-19 on June 11 evening. Few days earlier, two of my colleagues tested positive and they were hospitalised. I think I got infected from them. I had fever, so I decided to undergo home quarantine.”

Dawood isolated himself from his family, stayed in a separate room and used separate utensils during the quarantine. 

“I took a swab test on June 13 in a private hospital and received the result on June 21. I had fever during the first three days for which I took paracetamol –  1,000mg three times a day. From the fourth day onwards, the fever subsided a little and was completely gone on the seventh day.”

To keep himself hydrated, Dawood drank plenty of warm water and ate a lot of fruits and  vegetables, as advised by the doctor.

“Besides paracetamol, I took some home remedies like black cumin seeds with honey, ginger, pepper, garlic and turmeric boiled in water, etc. I didn’t have any other health issues except sleeping disorders. I rejoined duty after 17 days of quarantine. My family didn’t show any symptoms.” 

He said he decided to donate plasma after full recovery from the disease.

Another donor Mohsen said he got infected last Ramadan. 

“I had some mild symptoms – fever and cold. Unfortunately, my brother was also infected and he is currently in hospital. I donated plasma and urge everyone to donate to help the Ministry of Health to treat COVID-19 patients. Donating blood is a humanitarian gesture and a national duty.”

Sumesh, another donor, said he knows what a COVID-19 patient goes through. 

“Helping someone with just a little of your blood in such a critical situation is the best thing one can do for another human being,” he said.

Another donor Ramdas said that he believes in humanity and being a regular blood donor, it is his duty to help the needy.

George, another donor, said he decided to donate plasma after full recovery from COVID-19 infection as he believes it would help hospitals treat and help at least three patients to recover from the illness.

George thanked ‘Pratheeksha Oman’ for organising the donation campaign and helping  needy patients who are admitted in the ICU for treatment of COVID-19.

Mohsen al Sharyani, head of Donor Affairs Section at the Department of Blood Bank Services, said donating plasma does not have any effects on a donor’s immunity against the disease.

Sharyani said, “Plasma extraction is done by a device that draws and separates blood, which takes about 40-60 minutes. A person can donate plasma twice a month.”

He added, “We receive four to ten people a day to donate plasma. We call on those who have recovered from COVID-19 infection to volunteer to donate plasma to help patients.”

For inquiries on plasma donation, or to book an appointment, send a WhatsApp message to 94555648, or call 24594255/ 24591255. Donation times are from 8am to 6pm.

221 donors in August

Minister of Health H E Dr Ahmed al Sa’eedi said at a recent press conference that the number of plasma donors during the month of August reached 221. 

A total of 911 people have donated more than 2,000 plasma units since the beginning of the pandemic.

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