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Be your own barista

22 Sep 2020 By HUBERT VAZ

Midweek or weekend, morning, noon or night, you can always find a good excuse to have a good cup of coffee. And what’s better than brewing it yourself, with a little creative fling, of course.

Don’t listen to those who say ‘coffee is coffee’, neither to the ones who prefer long chitchat in coffee lounges where signature brews come on your table in branded mugs, and you sip through the lips buy pay through the nose. You wanna make your own cup of coffee, and here’s how:


First things first. Get out of the kitchen – don’t reach for any of the regular cups or mugs – remember you want to get rid of boredom. Go to your living room and grab that giant cup sitting idle in your showcase or on top of the corner-piece. Give it a nice wash and a reason to live. Use it for what it’s meant! Good coffee begins with the choice of your mug.

Now decide, whether you want a hot brew or a chilled one, and get down to the task accordingly. If you dig cold coffee, read on, or else jump to the next box, Anirban has a rabbit up his sleeve:


Iced Coffee



2tsp instant coffee

1-2tsp sugar

8-10 ice cubes

2tbsp cream or condensed milk



Mix the instant coffee in a cup of warm water. Now fill your mug with the ice cubes. Then pour the coffee over it. Mix the required quantity of sugar in 2tsp of water and add, as sugar will take time to melt over ice. Add the cream or condensed milk and give it a good stir with a tall spoon. Ta…da!


If’s and Buts

If you don’t want the ice cubes to water down your drink, freeze coffee in your ice-tray, in advance, and use them instead. 

If you have a shaker, give your chilled brew a good shake, instead of a stir, and pour it back in your favourite mug.

If you don’t want the ice cubes to tickle your lips, use a straw. But, make sure to find a nice, coloured straw – purple if you may!




Cappuccino at home

Anirban Ray 

I am a ‘coffee guy’and I like it hot. And I take an ultimate pride in it. The black-turned-ochre shades, the froth, the aroma, the texture makes me focussed, strong and macho. 

It’s been a habit to frequent cafes, either alone or with like-minded guys, to cherish cuppas. But, the lockdown made me fall flat and all I needed was to turn my desperate taste buds to self reliance.

The art of brewing is ‘serious chemistry’ they say. But, with strong arms and a right sense of aesthetics, you can be your own barista at home.  Making coffee is an ego booster and the art made me beam with frothy pride, quite literally!So, let’s get started with our homemade cappuccino, made without a coffee machine.

What you need

2tsp instant coffee powder, 1glass of hot milk, sugar to taste, patience and strong arms

*(use 3 pics for each step)

What you need to do 

1. Take the coffee powder and sugar in your chosen mug, add 1/2tsp water and begin beating it up with a teaspoon to get a dark brown paste.

2. Step up the beating vigorously, in clockwise direction, until you get a light brown, creamy paste. (Be patient – it takes 8-10 minutes)

3. Add the hot milk, stir lightly and set aide for a 30-seconds. The coffee will soon assume a frothy consistency as the creamy paste dissolves. Garnish with a pinch of coffee powder.

Watch how to make the perfect cappuccino:  https://bit.ly/3hVX4QZ 


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