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Skin care routines for healthy skin

20 Sep 2020

Staying at home, keeping away from personal meetings, continuous wearing of face mask, preventing exposure to irritants or UA/UVB rays and pollution might be a good way to avoid harm to one’s complexion.  But, that does not mean one can relax on one’s skin care routine? It is important to stick to one’s normal skin care routine during these challenging times even when must stay indoors as far as possible.

Not just for cosmetic reasons, but to project the best outlook, boost self-confidence, and overall wellbeing, it is imperative to maintain your skin care routine.  At the basic level, following these steps, however ensuring adherence to your skin type. 

For daily care: 

  • Makeup remover/cleanser (If makeup applied)
  • Gentle face wash
  • Toner –  to remove residual dirt and grime on the skin
  • Serum for the skin concern that is your top priority. This is one of the most important skin care products you can use.
  • Moisturiser (Day cream and night cream).
  • Sun protection. Even if you are at home, Sun protection is necessary. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) remains as important as ever, when you are indoors but for different reasons. Screen time does not only affect your eyes but also your skin. One needs to protect one’s skin from the blue light of laptops, TVs and phones by applying sunscreen even when indoors. This will protect the skin from open pores, early ageing and accumulation of oil.

For weekly care:

  • Exfoliation – once or twice a week, to get rid of dead cells and help fresh skin to emerge. 
  • Face Mask – Deep cleansing and nourishment to prepare your skin to withstand all exposures during the week.

For bi-weekly/monthly care 

Use vitamin C antioxidants – Vitamin C resolves multiple skin concerns and is one of the most effective antioxidants.  It helps in preventing 

  • Oxidation, triggering premature aging 
  • Dull skin complexion
  • Uneven skin tone

It is possible to inadvertently ignore self-care and beauty regimes during such lockdown hours, but one should exercise due care for skin, and do what is exactly required.  One should be well aware of one’s skin type, and allow it to breathe freely. By controlling the number of products used, and focusing on the advised steps, it would be much easy to comply with the regime, and less likely for one to develop skin irritation from over use, or wrong choice of products.

Muscat Pharmacy – Perfumes & Cosmetics has expressed readiness to guide users of beauty products – be it for skin type mapping or help choose the right products for a happy and healthy skin. 

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