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Treasure of Nature

19 Sep 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Promoting domestic tourism while simultaneously spreading the culture of sports among members of the community is the two-pronged approach of Muscat Hiking Team’s hiking tours every week in the wilayats of Muscat governorate. 

Additionally, the team conducts clean-up campaigns in Muscat to restore its pristine beauty. 

On Thursday, the team members cleaned the Sidab al Bahri area in cooperation with Muscat Municipality.

The waste collected was primarily discarded plastic items, said Mohammed al Alawi, head of the team.

“We urge everyone to pay attention to the environment. It’s necessary that we keep it clean,” he said.

Talking about the hiking tours the team organises, Alawi said such events help participants explore varied terrain, including mountainous, and while inculcating the culture of fitness among people.

The team was established in January 2020 under the umbrella of Ahli Sidab Club and comprises 260 members.

The team has organised over 20 hiking tours in the wilayats of Muscat to date.

“We organise hikes every week. The participants go through plains, wadis and mountains. Most of the time, we chose an unexplored site in Muscat. The team also organises cycling, swimming and mountain climbing events,” Alawi said.

On September 2, the team held a 6km hike in  Bandar al Khairan. Alawi said only six people participated in it as people are still reluctant to come out to explore nature due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

For hikes, participants are instructed to carry along water and snacks and wear proper hiking shoes, Alawi said, adding that during the pandemic, they should wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

“We hope that the pandemic will end soon, so that we can bring together more hikers. We call upon young people and also families to join us in our forthcoming events.”


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