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Hard one to crack

16 Sep 2020

It is a weekday! As a journalist, I have several events to cover. I also have commitments on work errands. On top of that, I am late.

I am stuck in traffic and I am wearing a turban on my head today because I have to go to a government office for some story investigation.  This gives me a headache. I have never felt comfortable with a turban.

The day rushes and almost ends in no time, and it is time for me to go to the gym after work. I have that urge, it has already become a part of me.

On my way back home, I park at the general store to buy my queen her best snack. She loves sunflower seeds. However, I do not like the sounds they make while being crushed, but I know, she will be amused once I buy them.

The warm hug she gives me right at the entrance of my home makes me feel superior, but this time, I receive two hugs – the second for the seeds. I love the way she appreciates small things from me.

To my shock, she immediately starts cracking the seeds and with the first bite, she looks at me and says, “These seeds are not of the brand that I like, but thank you.” I look at her and just nod.

Few minutes later as am relaxing on my couch feeling dead tired, she comes to me and asks, “My husband, I need a favour. Please take me to the nearby store to buy sunflower seeds. These are a little hard to crack.”

As a humble husband, I get angry from inside. The only way she notices my anger is when I bite my lips. “Are you angry, why are you biting your lips,” she asks. I quickly say, “No, no. I am not.” I reluctantly get up and take her with a smiling face but an angry heart.

Yes I am angry. And I blame myself for initiating the idea of buying the seeds. I should have bought something that is available only in one brand. Readers, what would you have done?

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