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MoH nurse succumbs to virus

15 Sep 2020

The Ministry of Health has announced the first death of a public sector health worker due to COVID-19. Blessy Sam passed away at the ICU of The Royal Hospital on Monday. 

The 37 year old nurse from India was well known in the community and among her colleagues at Sinaw Hospital as a positive and vibrant individual. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Blessy’s colleague Dr Badriya al Sharji said, “She was very experienced and very friendly. She had been deputed to work at Royal Hospital in the COVID-19 ward. She returned to Sinaw Hospital after the assignment had ended, but she fell ill with the coronavirus.”

Blessy was transferred to Sur Hospital for treatment, but as her condition deteriorated, she was rushed to The Royal Hospital where she breathed her last. 

Offering her condolences to the family, Dr Badriya said, “Blessy was a brave nurse fighting COVID-19.”

PM Jabir, community welfare secretary of Indian Social Club, said, “It is very unfortunate that we lost one of our brightest nurses in Oman. During this pandemic, we have seen how health workers have tirelessly devoted themselves for the health and safety of our lives. They are the real-life heroes. The Oman government did its best to save Blessy but she passed away.” 

Jabir noted that Blessy was very popular in the community.

Hailing from Adoor in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Blessy had been in Oman for more than ten years and was an active community member. 

Blessy is survived by her husband Sam George and two children, Kevin and Kasiya, who are students of Indian School Wadi Kabir. 

“It is distressing to note that we have lost yet another person to COVID-19. Even more so, considering Blessy was a young mother and a frontline healthcare worker,” said Dr Baby Sam Saamuel, chairman of Board of Directors, Indian Schools Oman. 

“Heartfelt condolences to her family here in Oman and India. This loss also reminds us of the countless sacrifices being made by healthcare workers to ensure our safety. It is our duty to honour these by complying with all safety guidelines,” Saamuel said. 

In a statement, Ministry of Health said, ‘This is the first death among health workers in Oman due to the pandemic. The deceased was a true hero and a role model of hard, sincere work.

‘His Excellency the Minister of Health, their Excellencies, as well as the ministry’s personnel and all health workers in Oman express their heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased, may Allah grant them the strength to bare her loss.’ 

On April 17, Dr Rajendran Nair who worked in the private sector and earned the name ‘Common man’s doctor’ succumbed to COVID-19.


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