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Gyms open but people prefer home workouts

15 Sep 2020 By ANIRBAN RAY

Yoga, beach runs and rope extension are some forms of exercise that people are opting for instead of visiting gyms. 

Gyms reopened on August 26 with several health guidelines in place. However, these regulations have deterred fitness enthusiasts. 

Understandably, fear of the virus is also keeping people at home.

Khalid Harthy, a banker, said, “I go to a popular gym in Muscat but now with the new regulations, several do’s and don’ts have been introduced. Also members are given designated time. Most of us want the evening slot but it is next to impossible. They cannot accommodate more people. Hence, I have decided to do my workouts at home. I also go to the beach for my freehand exercises and running.”

The closure for several months necessitated some maintenance and renovation work and some gyms in hotels are yet to open. New regulations call for additional measures of safety. 

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a gym instructor said, “Our gym is taking time because of renovations; it was left without any maintenance for so many months. Our members are requesting us to open soon. But we need some more time.” 

For weight trainers, the most popular form of exercise at home has been extension ropes. The ropes use the body weight as a form of training which works perfectly for triceps, biceps, upper body, lower body and helps in full workouts. 

Avishek Singh, a regular gymvisitor, said, “I was anxiously waiting for the gyms to reopen but now with some odd timings and just one hour given to each one, I simply cannot complete my workouts.”

He said he now prefers his home workouts. 

“I prefer some small weight lifts with barbells and using my extension rope. I can do most of the exercises with these. For warmups and cardio, I do power-yogas,” Singh said. 

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