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Warning caution

13 Sep 2020

Are you concerned that some people are ignoring COVID-19 preventive measures such as wearing face masks properly and maintaining social distancing? 


Muna Basheer al Zadjali, Private sector employee

I believe that people who ignore masks and do not maintain a safe distance are irresponsible people. Such people can get sick with COVID-19 and infect their loved ones and friends. This is a serious illness and must be taken seriously. We must respect the prevention measures. If people continue to ignore these measures, we face the risk of a ‘second wave’ of the pandemic. 

Khamar Basha, Software consultant

Some people are assuming that the odds of infection are low and choose not to live their lives in fear. They want their normal lives back. However, we need to be always careful with this virus by following the precautionary measures, including strictly practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

Sulaiman Rashid al Maany, Retired engineer 

What worries me is the misinformation circulating around regarding face masks. Some people get influenced negatively and start ignoring this important practice that is aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19. Let’s all follow the guidelines from the government and ignore misinformation.

Muhammed Sinan, Student

It is upsetting to see some of our fellow residents still unaware of the situation and taking matters very lightly. I suggest raising the awareness among such people and making sure they follow the necessary measures.

Nimisha Nixon, Student

Wearing a face mask, maintaining social distance, sanitising hands, etc are very important to prevent the spread of the virus. I’m seriously concerned that there are many people who ignore these measures. People hold the mask in their hand instead of wearing it. Children go out of their homes to play without any safety measures. I request the authorities to look at the situation!

Abdullah Hamed al Musharafi, Jobseeker

I’m very concerned about what is going on now in most places in Oman. People have started ignoring or are bored of the precautionary measures. If people continue to ignore the measures, the number of infections will increase and cause serious problems. 

Sejal C Trivedi, Teacher

Yes, I am very concerned. Some people are least bothered or too confident. Others hate wearing masks and dislike these protective covers. They have no understanding of prevention. If every person were responsible, it would make a huge difference in society to make it safe for everyone.

Jasim Jameel al Baloshi, Private sector employee

I’m very concerned. There’s a group of people who pay no attention to the government guidelines and endanger their entire family, including children and elderly parents. By not following safety and hygiene instructions, they put everyone at risk. 

Sanjay Dalal, Doctor

With the reopening of almost all commercial establishments, while some people are still scared to go out, most venture out wearing masks but social distancing isn’t maintained. Hand 

hygiene and cleaning should be done after returning home.

Faisal Babu, Teacher

Yes, it is worrisome. In some rural areas, people do not keep enough distance while interacting with one another. We have to continue to be alert and make people aware of the need to wear face masks and use hand sanitisers.



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