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Walking in nature

13 Sep 2020

Science proves that walking long distances in nature accords great benefits for the mind and body. Walking in nature controls depression, improves athletic performance, improves immunity and memory, reduces anxiety, helps battle colds and flu, makes you happy, speeds recovery time after sickness and reduces serious disorders like cancer.

Benefits for the body

Improves aerobic capacity for more efficient oxygen intake

Your body burns fat and sugar more efficiently while you’re walking

You’ll learn to pace yourself so you can keep going all day without getting tired

Your body will learn to be more relaxed, the benefit of which is immeasurable

You’ll become a master of your body, and be able to accomplish any goal you set for yourself


Benefits for the mind

You will learn to focus and relax your mind

You can enjoy yourself and your surroundings

You will learn patience as you walk longer distances

You will learn to use your mind to overcome adversity

You will become a master of your mind, and be able to accomplish any goal you set for yourself

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