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Break even at breakfast

13 Sep 2020

Breakfast can be the best meal of the day for family members to share, care and recharge their batteries for a busy day ahead

Studies have shown that eating breakfast as a family has a range of benefits for every member of the family, from forming clearer outlooks and having greater concentration at work/school to forging healthy interpersonal relationships at home as well as outdoors.

According to surveys, the biggest morning challenge is to sit down and have breakfast as a family. However, with the pandemic shaking up the usual morning routines, a majority of parents with school-aged children now report they have been able to spend more time together as a family before starting their work or school day. In fact, eating breakfast as a family has become less challenging than it was before the pandemic.

During these challenging times it is important to remember what matters most, and that even a simple bowl of delicious cereal can make the morning a win. When looking for an affordable quick and nutritious breakfast option for your family, look no further than the cereal box in your pantry.

Here are a few recommendations for how to prioritise family breakfast time before one gets back to the routine of getting ready for school once again:

Breakfast counts as a family meal: The benefits of families eating meals together are well documented and can promote sensible eating habits and positive family dynamics, as well as improved nutritional health. But it doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal to count. With the change of pace families are making the most of quality breakfast time with some parents using breakfast time to discuss what’s going on in the world. One can make the commitment to have at least one meal each day with the whole family at the kitchen table, whether that is a bowl of cereal a few mornings a week or your favourite home-cooked meal for dinner.

Choose a breakfast food that all love: Is there a breakfast that parents and children both love? If you ask many busy parents, any meal their children will eat and enjoy is a success. So how do you know if the breakfast you are serving your family is nutritious? Parents can focus on foods that provide whole grains and fibre, along with vitamins and minerals. Cereal is a win-win to start the school day. A cereal breakfast with milk and a banana delivers really good nutrition, while also being accessible and affordable to families nationwide.

Sharing and caring

It’s a good idea  to have a theme for discussions everyday and inputs from all family members are important. It could be about a topic that concerns all within the family or an issue everyone in the city is talking about. Also, breakfast time is a good time to  share concerns/fears about tasks to be undertaken during the day and seek guidance/insights from others. It is also an opportunity for introspection on errors of the past day and devise solutions for better performance in future. By sharing problems and offering support for each other family members can derive greater self confidence to handle their own commitments and tasks for each day.

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