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University of Technology and Applied Sciences eyes partnership with Huawei

12 Sep 2020

The University of Technology and Applied Sciences and Huawei Company held a meeting recently to discuss businesses, services and projects provided by the latter in the fields of Communication and Information Technology (ICT) which may support the university’s academic programmes.

They also highlighted the future trends in science, knowledge and modern technology that could be foreseen during the upcoming stage as well as the company’s aspiration to provide high-quality services and advanced competitive products. 

This results from the university’s desire to strengthen its relations with the private sector, building effective partnership with various business sectors and opening the door for mutual cooperation with national and international companies. 

Accordingly, and in terms of the cooperation and partnership between the university and the company, the parties discussed areas of effective cooperation in the fields of knowledge and technology that relate closely to the professional programmes that could be offered by Huawei. This will lead to building students’ future knowledge and skills in advanced technology by delivering specialised courses and including some skills in the curriculum offered by the university. 

In addition, the parties discussed the possibility of benefiting from some technological and educational platforms that could be a source of knowledge and self-learning in the university. They also considered the possibility of establishing a laboratory for advanced technology related to Huawei in one of the university’s colleges. 

With the aim of benefiting the university’s faculty and students and fostering the university’s direction towards achieving its vision and goals to be a pioneer in the technological and applied education, the two parties agreed to expand fields of cooperation and partnership. They decided upon forming a team to ensure the implementation of their agreement as well as enforcing the cooperation areas and foreseeing future partnerships. 


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