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Little environmentalist

12 Sep 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Hamad al Jaafari, 12, was honoured by the Environment Authority in the Governorate of North Sharqiyah last week for his voluntary services. 

The lad’s activities include cleaning beaches in Al Ashkharah and distributing flowers among tourists to raise awareness on the urgent need of preserving the environment.

Nizar Salim al Fannah al Araimi, director of the Environment Department in North Sharqiyah, informed that Hamad was feted for his efforts to encourage community members to preserve the environment.

Hamad’s activities help spread environmental awareness among community members and tourists alike as he engages with them in his own way urging beachgoers to not litter. 

“We call on all members of society to keep beaches, wadis and aflaj clean,” Araimi said furthering Hamad’s cause. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Hamad said, “I started cleaning beaches in 2018 with my family. Since then, I have participated in all the clean-up campaigns on the beaches of Al Ashkharah.”

Following his first participation in 2018, Hamad roped in his friends to organise clean-ups every month, collecting waste from beaches with the support of their parents. Soon, the boys started collecting money from their parents to support the clean-up activities, conveying their message of cleanliness with flowers to beachgoers in Al Ashkharah.

Asked what prompted him to take up these activities, Hamad said, “My parents taught me that preserving the environment is important for every human being and I must have a positive role in this.” 

Calling themselves the Little Environment Friends Team, Hamad and his group of volunteers also hold environment related events, besides regular beach clean-ups. While thanking the Environment Authority for honouring his work, and his family for encouraging him, Hamad also called out to private companies to support the team financially to achieve its goals.


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