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Letters to the editor: Airport re-opening a great relief

9 Sep 2020

This refers to the report ‘International flights to start on October 1’ (Muscat Daily, page 1, September 8) 

Indeed, a much-awaited news for everyone, particularly for the expatriate community in Oman.  

There might be many who were forced to stay back due to suspension of international flights, and reopening the airport is indeed a great relief for them. 

It is everyone’s responsibility to strictly comply with safety norms while travelling through the airports and respect all precautionary measures implemented to ensure their safe arrival at destinations and follow the local quarantine guidelines.

When it comes to resuming commercial activities and lifting of travel restrictions, for any country indefinite closure of business activities is not viable anymore. Along with the economy, the survival of people would become difficult if the situation persists. Therefore, opening of air travel as well as commercial activities will contribute to the survival of millions. 

It is also learnt from reports that basic COVID-19 protocols are largely overlooked by people. Social distancing and wearing face masks are the primary control measures to stop the spread of the virus and overlooking them will further jeopardise everyone. 

In Oman too, people are seen in public places like beaches without face masks taking photos which they share on social media. That sends a wrong messages to people.  

Authorities have been urging the public to stop crowding and avoiding any kind of get-togethers and functions to minimise the exposure, yet the message has not been accepted in a desired manner. 

It is the time for everyone to slowly adjust to life with COVID-19, and respecting the basic control measures is the responsibility that rests on every single individual. 

‘Stay home, stay safe’ should not be just a slogan, but something to keep effectively close to the heart for the safety of everyone around. 

Ramachandran Nair 

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