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Travel smart

7 Sep 2020

If you have to travel during the time of COVID-19, you need to travel smart. 

And travelling smart doesn’t just mean planning your itinerary well or being well informed about your destination, it also includes anticipation of your travel needs during the pandemic. 

Some tips: 

Whether travelling for leisure or emergencies,  carry adequate stocks of face masks, sanitisers, enough of your personal medicines to last you for the entire trip, and packed food and water, in case restaurants/stores are closed. 

Activities that can increase your risk of infection should be avoided. Going to a large social gathering, like a wedding, funeral, or party, is full of risk, so stay away from these.  

Attending a mass sporting event, concert, or parade, as well as being in crowded restaurants, airport foyers, bus and train stations, or auditoriums must be totally avoided. 

Rule out traveling on a cruise ship or river boat which cannot be abandoned midway, if needed. 


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