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The new norm

6 Sep 2020

With schools either closed or providing education online, are you worried that children are missing out on the  school atmosphere and learning social skills?

Prashant Upadhyaya 

Marketing specialist 

Yes, it is of grave concern since children need to mingle for overall development including social, psychological and physical development. Moreover, online classes are making children either addicted to mobiles/computers or repulsed by studies altogether. 

Shagufta binth Hasham 

Nursery school director   

I am an early childhood educator and I feel children up to the age of eight are facing major challenges coping with online schooling. It is playing havoc with their psychology and their socio emotional development. They need personal interaction with peers and teachers. 

Piyush Bhavsar 

Design engineer 

Yes, students will miss academics and more. Online study is a temporary solution and not a preferred method for younger children. They will be handicapped as there isn’t much writing practice in online study, besides the absence of direct supervision. 

Mohan Anandan 


We must admit that COVID-19 has completely re-written the rulebooks of all kinds of social norms and practices and we are forced to embrace what is called ‘the new norm’ today. Children too have learnt to adapt to the new atmosphere and in the process, they have learnt new skills and techniques in networking and also more avenues for studying online.

Suleiman al Difai 

Finance professional 

Yes, I am worried. Children learning through online resources don’t get the best interaction or acquire the best skills. It is vital for children to be in physical classrooms to learn social networking and face-to-face dialogue. 

M D Afzaluddin 


Yes, indeed the quality of education and competitiveness will definitely be missing without attending school. Children will also be lacking gross motor skills and social skills in such an environment.  

Dr Zainab Ansari 


Social skills are very important for children of all ages. It lets them play a role in various ways within a particular environment and situation. But right now, safety is the priority. Social skills can be learnt anytime but health shouldn’t be compromised at all. 

C A Mayank Palgauta 

Finance manager 

I do not worry about missing the school atmosphere when our child is taking online classes. Health is wealth. COVID-19 is not going to stay forever. So, once everything is okay when there is a vaccine, our child will adapt to the school environment and learn social skills. Till then, online is the new normal. 

Shajna Koloth 


In this technoholic world, a child can learn anything or everything from the device in front of them but they can’t earn the memories – shared tiffins, classroom giggles… and most importantly, they are missing an atmosphere where they can share any question about life. School is nothing but an encyclopedia of life. The poor children are missing the stepping stones towards their unending sky. 

Muthumari Pandian 


Yes, obviously, the school environment plays an important role in helping children develop emotional and social skills. It’s instrumental in shaping one’s personality and the way one deals with situations in life. The school experience also makes them better human beings, fit for a healthy society. The current situation has created stress and a stagnant condition for the mind.

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