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A path to happiness

5 Sep 2020 By HUBERT VAZ

“I cannot imagine my world without art, it is present in every aspect of my life, every single day,” says Sushmita Gupta, a self-taught Indian artist in Muscat, whose home has art oozing out of every space


As she wakes up each morning, she admires the art all around in her home, and when she retires each night, she goes to bed with intricate thoughts about some unfinished work and how she could approach it the next day. For Sushmita Gupta, a self-taught, self-styled Indian artist, art is something filled in every moment, every breath, every thought, each day. 

When you enter her home, in a high rise apartment block in Ghala, the main door seems to announce that you would invariably be walking into an art gallery.

And when you settle into a settee, with colourful cushions, carefully chosen traditional artefacts, and canvasses, neatly installed all over the parlour, you realise that you cannot possibly escape the overwhelming embrace of art. And what follows would be (you guessed right) an artistic conversation. 

Sushmita admits that she got down to creating artworks on canvas just about a decade ago, but from her childhood itself, she never spared any empty surface that screamed for her attention, be it a wall, furniture, pottery, even the clothes she wore. “Even now,” she says, “When I view an empty space, I start imagining how it could be artistically transformed and made to come alive, if given a chance.”

The artist, who received much encouragement from a former Indian diplomat in Muscat, who propped up her talent and egged her to strengthen her passion, as well as organise a group of like-minded individuals, says her journey in art has gone through many waves of change over the past few decades. It often represents the stages in life she has gone through as well as the meaningful encounters she has had with people, events, and issues that always set her mind ticking in search of solace, if not a solution. 

Hailing from a family wherein her mother was an artist who surrounded herself with art, and a father who had a penchant for poetry, Sushmita found creative expression for both of those aspects in her work, often writing poetry that complemented some of her artworks. “Usually, I am able to generate happiness through my art. I believe, there is an exterior world and an interior world, and my internal world has been strengthened by the artistic influence of my parents,” she asserts. 

Sushmita’s home has art in every corner of every room. Apart from her canvases on display, she also has special table décor, furniture, and various elements of her interiors laid out in a way that seem to conform to a pattern in her own mind. And though her family members (husband, son and daughter) might be a tad put off by the overdose of art within their home, she somehow tries to strike a balance between what pleases her and what would work best for all.

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