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The wife is always right

2 Sep 2020

I wonder why people always make fun of the way wives dominate the husbands. It leaves me wonder why people say ‘wife is always right, even though she is always wrong’. 

As I tried to find out from where this statement came from my Queen, I asked her, “Why do people always say that if you are a husband, you should bear in mind that the wife is always right even though she is always wrong?” 

I sat quietly and waited eagerly for her answer, as I prepared my mind not to spoil her evening, should it occur that something else comes up. “What do you think? Is it true?” I followed up with my query. 
“Of course not. I believe, both men and women can be wrong or right at times. What do you think?” she replied. 

I felt like we are just having a normal conversation, so I said, “To me, I believe when something is widely spoken about, then it carries some reality in it. Like, if they say women are always right, then it is because majority of marriages are like that. But not mine of course.” I said it with a smile to loosen up any tension. 

“So, a majority of men are players because they are well known for their unfaithfulness,”she immediately replied. I said it could be,though of course, I am not amongst them. 

After all, I have the best woman by my side. 

Sensing things are not going well, I tried to change the topic but she wanted to sit on it. 

“By the way, come to think of it, if wives are truly a problem, then why are there marriages everywhere?

Men should say, ‘Having a wife is a big problem, so we won’t marry’,” she said. 

I said, “you are soon going to ask me:everyone struggles to have that great body, then why do people still eat? Including the ones on diet?” 

That made her fume but I tried to control the situation. 

“Stop making me angry and instead go make me a cup of tea. I feel like having your tea tonight,” she said. 

I smiled and said, “Am I the one to make tea now?” 

She asked, ‘So, are you asking me, the one who makes the tea daily? (Or in short, who said only the wife should make the tea?) 

“Enough, it was just a joke,” I immediately changed the topic. “And besides, if you make it for me on a daily basis for many years, why should I fail to make it once?” 

She clang onto the previous statement and said men can be funny sometimes. “Where is all the appreciation? you keep saying, it’s a women’s world, as if it is wrong to be born a female,” she said. 

“I woke up, cooked, did the laundry,arranged the rooms, washed the dishes,cleaned the house, and you are here complaining that making tea makes you feel like I am dominating?” she explained. 

I felt this is going to take us far, so I kept quiet and instead, started youTubing my favourite series and pretended to concentrate on my phone. She got up and went straight to make the tea herself. The evening passed with a cold war accompanied by hot tea. 

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