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No Sale

2 Sep 2020

The temporary suspension of discounts  and special offers continues as companies and consumers alike wait for a decision that  could help them tide over hard times

The government has put in place various rules and regulations for the safety of customers and service staff. While these rules have been implemented to ensure safe transactions, these have also resulted in a few challenges for store owners. As we are not allowed now to advertise sales and discounts, customers are not as attracted to our store. The human tendency is to get the best value at the lowest price. People are shopping less and this is evident in balance sheets compared to previous years. However, these small cuts in profit affecting us are only short term considering the unprecedented times we are in. It is safe to believe that this is for our safety. 

Manoj Didwania

Ripples (Al Sariru Intln LLC)


Currently, there is no permission for promotional sales. Offers and discounts help us increase footfalls. These days, we have fewer customers in our hypermarkets but I am hopeful that things will change soon. We respect the government’s decision and we know this is for the safety of people and we will abide by the rules.

Abdullah Shaji

GM, Nesto Hypermarkets in Oman


Offers and discounts attract customers, and we hope that they will return soon. Over the past few months, we have been a little affected, but business is almost normal now. We hope to be allowed to offer discounts to attract more customers soon.

Faisal al Zadjali

Supermarket owner in Seeb


This is not good for us. We were planning a campaign and such a restriction will further slow sales of our automobiles. Such a measure is good where large gathering happens, like malls or retails stores, not for car showrooms where only a few people come. This move is not good for customers either.

Representative of automobile dealer


We welcome the move as it is good for the country and all of us. The regulation will help stop people from gathering and thus stop the spread of the virus. 

Carrefour official


We really hope that we are allowed to offer discounts. Most businesses are suffering because promotions attract customers. Despite repeated requests, still there is no go-ahead. Both retailers and customers are eagerly awaiting the authorities’ decision. 

Talib Omar

Oman country head,

Majid al Futtaim

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