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Oman ranked 29th in COVID-19 safety assessment

1 Sep 2020

Oman is ranked the 29th safest place in the world and seventh in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in a new analytical case study that utilises Big Data and Quantifiable Metrics to rank ‘COVID-19 Safety and Risk Assessment of 250 Countries, Regions and Territories’. 

Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and Japan are ranked the top five in the assessment. 

In MENA region, UAE (global rank 9th) with a total score of 723.35 leads with a major slow down in new cases, and is followed by Israel (ranked 11th), Saudi Arabia (13th), Kuwait (20th), Bahrain (24th), Qatar (27th) and Oman (29th). 

The study released by Deep Knowledge Group, an international consortium focused on the synergetic convergence of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies to provide solutions to healthcare sector, assesses safety and risk of COVID-19 based on the data collected up until August 23. 


The methodology of the assessment is based on calculations involving six broad categories – Quarantine Efficiency, Government Efficiency of Risk Management, Monitoring and Detection, Healthcare Readiness, Country Vulnerability and Emergency Preparedness – that include in total 140 plus parameters, and 35,000 plus data points.

In MENA, the UAE, Qatar, and Djibouti show a slump in the number of new cases.

The UAE has had 17 per cent fewer new cases from June 1 to August 16, than in a similar period from March 17 to June 1, and holds a leading position in the region now with the highest summarised total score, mostly thanks to excellent Monitoring and Detection, the best Emergency Preparedness, one of the highest Government Efficiency scores and less national vulnerability. 

The leader UAE, scores a total of 723.35 points, with 125.1 for Quarantine Efficiency, 162.46 for Government Efficiency of Risk Management, 142.35 for Monitoring and Detection, 72.32 for Healthcare Readiness, 99.87 for Country vulnerability and 121.25 for Emergency Preparedness. 

Oman scores a total of 645.16 points, with 128.25 for Quarantine Efficiency, 153.67 for Government Efficiency of Risk Management, 114.55 for Monitoring and Detection, 70.13 for Healthcare Readiness, 101.37 for Country Vulnerability and 77.19 for Emergency Preparedness. 

Among the countries in MENA, the fastest rate of growth of total cases as of August 16 in comparison to the beginning of the summer (June 1) was measured in Libya, Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza. ‘In general the spread of the virus was not so fast in this region especially when compared with the spike in spring. The rest of the states and territories in this region typically have much lower rankings. 

This is so, inter alia, because of the overall unsafe state and limited governance capacity there, including those countries that cannot fully control their borders due to conflicts and the political landscape (such as Syria and Libya), as well as Lebanon, which now faces additional difficulties,’ stated the report.


MENA countries (global rank) 

UAE – 9

Israel -11

Saudi Arabia 13

Kuwait 20

Bahrain 24

Qatar 27

Oman 29. 

Oman scores 

Total 645.16 points 

Quarantine Efficiency 128.25

Government Efficiency of Risk Management 153.67 

Monitoring and Detection 114.55

Healthcare Readiness 70.13 

Country Vulnerability 101.37

Emergency Preparedness 77.19

Top 30 

1. Germany

2. New Zealand

3. South Korea

4. Switzerland

5. Japan

6. Australia

7. China

8. Austria

9. United Arab Emirates

10. Singapore

11. Israel

12. Canada

13. Saudi Arabia

14. Iceland

15. Taiwan*

16. Norway

17. Liechtenstein

18. Hong Kong

19. Finland

20. Kuwait

21. Denmark

22. Monaco

23. Luxembourg


25. Hungary

26. Netherlands

27. Qatar

28. Cyprus

29. Oman

30. Andorra

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