Tuesday, December 05
11:45 AM

MoAFWR gives clarification on livestock deaths in Dhofar

31 Aug 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources (MoAFWR) has taken note of the livestock deaths reported in Dhofar due to bovine ephemeral fever. It has also ensured the required veterinary teams are in the field to treat and vaccinate other livestock to prevent the spread of the disease in Dhofar. 

Referring to what was circulated on social media about the death of livestock in Dhofar, MoAFWR has issued a statement saying the ministry confirmed the incidence of bovine ephemeral fever in the Governorate of Dhofar.

The ministry also stated that the infection spreads as a result of rains during the ongoing khareef in Dhofar. Mosquitoes are vectors responsible for the transmission of the disease. 

The ministry said its veterinary teams are in the field to ensure treatment and immunisation to prevent further spread of the diseases.

The ministry urged livestock owners to keep animal pens clean and do pest control.


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