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Mazoon Electricity cautions against illegal connections

31 Aug 2020

To ensure safety standards, Mazoon Electricity Company has reminded the public of the dangers of illegal electricity connections.

Mazoon Electricity urged the public to follow the simple yet right process to apply for electricity connection by submitting a request through the company’s website or through Sanad centres and reminded people to abstain from using any illegal connections. Cautioning against unauthorised connections, Mazoon Electricity has alerted the public that illegal power connections pose a danger of electrocution not just to the users, but the public at large.

‘Unsafe and illegal connections are an easy solution to temporary electricity needs but they pose a danger to user’s safety and those in their surroundings,’ Mazoon Electricity alerted.

The company explained that customers who wish to obtain temporary electricity connection should visit the nearest Sanad centre with required documents and submit their request.

‘Customers have to fill the temporary connection request form by including documents such as ID copy, Mulkiya and Krooki copy, construction permit from municipality, description of the devices/appliances required to be connected and required load.’

Once the document is processed, an inspector from the company will visit the site and approve the connection if all the required criteria are fulfilled. An account for temporary connection will be created in the customer’s name provided a prepaid meter is installed to avoid accumulation of billing dues.



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