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Your Say: Inching back to normal

30 Aug 2020

Are you happy with almost all businesses now reopening or are you worried that it might result in a new wave of COVID-19 infections?


Ahmed al Farsi

Government employee

I’m happy about the reopening. I feel life is back to what it was before. In my opinion, we need shops to be open; we know how the economy was down a few months ago because of the lockdown as a result of COVID-19. We just have to live with the virus. Be careful of it and keep yourself safe from the transmission of the infection. Also, I urge the media to stop the intimidation and raise awareness on COVID-19.


Husaam Sameer

Bank employee

The reopening of businesses is a good step by the Supreme Committee for dealing with COVID-19; the closure impacted many businesses negatively, especially SMEs. However, I feel the reopening may increase the number of COVID-19 infections and a new wave may start. Dining in restaurants is the easiest way for this to happen.


Fareed Hamoud al Musallami

Bank employee

Considering the fact that a huge number of people in society have been financially affected by the closure of some activities and shops, I am happy that business is back. Life is gradually going back to normal but we have to adapt to the changes. Everyone must strictly follow the preventive measures set by the Supreme Committee to prevent the spread of infections. 


Nasser al Hosni

General manger

Of course, I am very happy with the gradual return of economic activities such as barbershops and restaurants. I am not worried as infections are definitely showing a downward trend. But we must follow guidelines such as physical distancing and wearing musk.


Hammoud al Hadrami

Director of public relations

I am very happy that most economic activities have opened up, but we should adhere to social distancing norms and maintain hygienic conditions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The government has done hard work to control its spread. We should help it by following the prescribed procedures of the Ministry of Health and the decisions of the Supreme Committee for dealing with COVID-19.


Govind Arjan Sampath

Corporate communications professional

I am greatly relieved that most establishments, especially newspapers and barbershops, are open after the nearly five-month hiatus. I am not worried as the infections are definitely showing a downward trend. The authorities have clearly outlined the safety measures to be implemented and followed, and are also ensuring compliance by all.


Thasleem Khan


Yes, I am happy that businesses have opened up. But we still need to be cautious, maintain social distancing and hygienic conditions to avoid any further spread of infections. The government has done an excellent job of controlling spread, but hereafter it is our responsibility to control this pandemic by avoiding group meetings and social gatherings.


Lovel Balakrishnan

Private sector employee


It is a matter of great happiness that businesses have slowly but surely opened up. All these months, it was a hard time for all of us. I am optimistic that things will pick up fast and we will do very well in our future endeavours. I don’t think there will be any second wave of infections as our bodies will gain natural immunity. Besides, there should be a vaccination to fight the virus soon.


Yahya al Hassani

Government employee

The reopening of economic activities is a good step because many people lost a lot of money. We thank God for the natural return of life, but we must take all precautionary measures. 


Abdul Hadi Mustafa


I thank God that most establishments, especially barbershops, restaurants and cafes, are now open after nearly five months. But we need to be cautious, observe social distancing and maintain hygienic conditions to avoid any further spread of the virus. It’s our responsibility to control this pandemic by avoiding social gatherings.

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