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MoSD sets up charity for families, students; many hail the move

30 Aug 2020

H E Laila bint Ahmed bin Awadh al Najar, Minister of Social Development (MoSD), on Sunday issued a Ministerial Decision for the formation of Al Nama Charitable Institution based on the Civil Associations Law issued by Royal Decree No 14/2000.

The institution aims to help needy families and individuals under debt as well as support needy students to complete their university education. It will also contribute to building social housing and maintaining homes for needy families and providing humanitarian aid in case of emergencies due to climatic conditions. In addition, it will help in achieving the necessary contribution in any other charitable activity.

Hailing the decision, Marhoun al Saidi, a private sector employee, said, “Establishing such institutions achieves social solidarity among members of society. We need such institutions for the needy families and students who want to complete their education and provide them with suitable housing. We wish for more of these initiatives that create cooperation and solidarity among members of society.”

Nasser al Hosni, a businessman, said charitable institutions are very important for society. 

“These institutions are official channels for collecting money and giving it to those who deserve it. We, as individuals of society, must participate and donate to such institutions to support them in fulfilling their mission.”

Ali Hamad al Shiyadi, a teacher, said, “It is one of the best decisions of the Ministry of Social Development. It will help the needy families, those affected by climate conditions, as well as help and support needy students to complete their university studies.”

He added, “I welcome and support such decisions because charitable societies show their role in achieving solidarity, cooperation and love between the members of the society.”

Minister visits South, North Sharqiyah governorates

H E Laila bint Ahmed al Najar, Minister of Social Development, visited the headquarters of the General Directorate of Social Development for the governorates of South and North Sharqiyah.

The minister also visited Departments of Social Development in the wilayats of Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan and Jaalan Bani Bu Ali. She was briefed on the system of social programmes conducted by these institutions.

H E Laila also visited Al Wafa Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children in the wilayat of Sur. She was briefed on the programmes run by the centre.

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