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Virtual exhibition: ‘God’s dominion’ in art

29 Aug 2020

Artist Naila al Mamari has put on display her fourth solo exhibition –

her first virtual exhibition – of 31 paintings produced in an abstract school style to reflect on true beauty, harmony and harmony of colours in God’s creations. 

Naila was inspired by the environment around her to create explicit paintings that reflect the power of Allah the Almighty in his creations. She stresses that, “God is the greatest creator and a creative photographer, and so, the universe around us is filled with delightful, and harmonious colours in all His creations.”

Through this exhibition, Naila wishes to convey that all beautiful sights in the world stem from one single source – the Almighty, and that everything else derives beauty, form and colours from that all-powerful force. Every piece on display in this exhibition seems to convey the beauty of creation with a confluence of colours that are vibrant and harmonious.

The artist took the element of birds as a colour study to enjoy the sound of the birds chirping and the variety of their types and shapes and that gave her enough imagination and positive energy for artistic expression in her work.

“As I have seen from the beauty of nature centered in birds, they are in themselves natural art that evoke the passion of the artist as well as that of the connoisseur alike,” she said, adding that she used the representative colours found in the plumage of birds while painting abstract forms in her own unique style.

A new dimension

What motivated you to host a virtual exhibition?

This exhibition was supposed to be held in March but could not be held due to the situation arising due to the coronavirus pandemic. So for that reason I decided to do it as a virtual exhibition. The plan is to later on put it on display in a hall for public viewing.

Who is your target audience?

This is targeted at all people, artists and non-artists. Currently, everyone depends on the internet for interaction. Hence, it is the safest way to communicate to people without affecting their health and wellbeing.

How would this exhibition add credibility to your repertoire?

If you browse through this virtual exhibition, you will know the answer, One would experience the feel of being inside a real hall and one can check out all paintings upfront with simple clicks. By adding a new dimension to viewing my work via a virtual exhibition, I am sure this will add credibility to my work hereon.

Does this exhibition have an element of spirituality that represents your own beliefs?

Yes, it does. My belief that God is the master of the universe and that art exists in every aspect of his creation is clearly evident in every piece on display.

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