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Remote learning made easy

29 Aug 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Online education has never been more in focus than it is now, courtesy the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help school-going students and those with limited availability of the Internet, an electronic platform has been launched which provides access to educational content offline. 

Called Hessa, and launched by the World Dome Foundation, the platform helps students from grade 1-12 study at their leisure without the Internet. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Hussein Ali Salim al Sawaeei, owner of the World Dome Foundation, said, “We recently launched our platform Hessa. Today, everyone is learning electronically and online, but Hessa is different. It allows users to use the platform offline. The platform aims to provide clear, simple and detailed explanations for most educational curricula.” 

He added, “It aims to help students understand the educational curricula at different levels of study (from Class 1 to 12) and reduce private tuitions.”

Sawaeei explained that students can go to the website ( for one time and download the study material they want to use. 

“All the material is provided with interactive and interesting learning methods.”

Talking about challenges, he said, “We had a hard time in finding the necessary finances and the right talent. People provided a large amount of study materials. Al Raffd Fund supported us.”

Sawaeei said the platform has 143 people working for its success.

“The coronavirus pandemic is encouraging students to accept the reality of studying remotely. Oman has excellent Internet connectivity that covers most of the country and the bandwidth is very high. 

“The telecommunications providers are well equipped to cater to the high demand. 

The government is also committed and keeps improving the telecommunication sector.”

He said that his project is linked to education and education is something that never ends. 

“Education sector is always evolving, so we will strive to cover all academic levels, up to higher education, and also include scientific research, at a later stage.”


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