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Frozen chapatis

26 Aug 2020

Turning and tossing in bed, I really do not feel like working. My whole body is aching and I am here lying down lazily. My son is complaining of the same too. It is likely to be a complaint day.

The Queen of house  comes from the bathroom with an idea. “Why don’t you just take off and stay with us today?”

Being a hard-working man who knows what life and earning is all about, and of course, thinking about my assignments, I immediately get up to prepare myself without telling her anything.

The old neighbour of mine, who cannot drive or walk is also waiting for me to go pay his monthly bills and that is also an errand of its own. 

My queen comes in with a cool voice, “I’m sorry, the chapatis are still frozen and when I try to remove them, they break, so what can I…”

“That’s better for us, at least it will avoid having daily chapatis” I interrupt.

“Are you sure you have them daily?” she asks.

Not realising that it was wrong for me to say that, I mumble and find something to defend myself, “Yes, after all, tonight we shall have them. We are having visitors right?” I hit it but I know it does not make sense.

She turns away and goes angrily but, this time, I know she is right.

Over the years, It has been the same type of food, only that it is cooked differently. 

All restaurants will always have an omelette in their daily breakfast menu, regardless of whether it is a five star or the local canteen around the corner, and yet, we have them with satisfaction.

At least, I should be thankful for whatever effort she puts in for me to have my breakfast regardless of what she serves. I feel sad, because though she has not said a word,  I know I have hurt her slightly, but I am sure I am going to make it up for her. 

With her joy, my days are like the brightest glow from the moon, and without her smiles, all I feel is like a loser.

I am at work, but one thing I know, is that I will make her smile when I get back home. I am not sure how but I just want to be welcomed like the king I have always been to her. Readers, please advise.

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