Tuesday, January 18
08:37 PM

Environment Authority warns against felling trees in Jebel Akhdar

23 Aug 2020

The Environment Authority has taken note of illegal cutting of old and rare trees in the protected areas of Jebel Akhdar.  

The authority stated that unauthorised felling of trees is a clear violation of environmental laws in the country and it will not tolerate such violators.  

A citizen had brought to the authority’s notice, through social media, the instance of cutting and burning trees in Jebel Akhdar.  

“Some people cut down and burn rare trees, such as Al Alalan and Albout. We call on the competent authorities in the country to intervene quickly to put an end to this worrying phenomenon. Camping should be allowed under strict procedures in order to preserve the environment and nature,” he said.  

The Environment Authority later replied to this claim and said, ‘We confirm that these actions are in clear violation of the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Law, and the act is punishable by imprisonment and a fine in accordance with Article 33 of the law for anyone who causes disruption in the nature conservation areas.’ 

It added, ‘The authority will not tolerate such violators. We call on all visitors to these areas to quickly report any violations to the hotline 80071999.’ 


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