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Niama Daima

16 Aug 2020

Nama Group, whose subsidiary companies are responsible for supply and distribution of electricity over most of Oman, has launched the National Electricity Conservation Campaign 2020, entitled ‘Niama Daima, which means ‘A Constant Blessing’.  

Through the campaign, Nama group intends to promote awareness among its customers on the electricity conservation fundamentals and build a culture on the importance of preserving and sustaining energy resources that contribute to the sustainability of the national resources. 

‘Within the Group’s sustainability objectives to maintain the national resources and its role to deliver safe and sustainable electricity, Nama Group has the launched the electricity conservation campaign,’ stated the company. ‘The campaign is one of the group’s key programmes under the Environmental Pillar of the Sustainability Policy.’

The campaign is driven by all Nama subsidiaries, targeting all categories of the society across the sultanate. ‘The group targets to build the culture and spread awareness on energy conservation, change customer behaviours toward optimised electricity consumption, and to be responsible for electricity conservation, promote renewable energy projects, and reduce the consumption during peak hours,’ it said.

In addition, Nama Group seeks to highlight and emphasise the energy efficiency benefits (environmental and financial benefits), showcase best practices to achieve energy efficiency, provide customers with necessary knowledge, and tools to manage consumption, and ensure engagement and collaboration with supporting institutions.

The project in 2020 will also focus on Cost-Reflective Tariff customers (CRT). The project will include a set of media campaigns and awareness messages to be broadcast in different media, and will continue until December this year. The project will also include launching awareness workshops for the targeted customers to come up with results and joint solutions to enhance the sustainability in the environmental, social, and economic fields on social media platforms, including the following:
1. Design and build eco-friendly houses
2. Introduce high-efficiency devices
3. The impact of behaviour on electricity conservation

Furthermore, Nama Group is also presenting an internal campaign for its employees with the aim to conduct internal initiatives to support in reducing the consumption of electricity, water, and paper in the offices.

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