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First Omani on panel of global research organisation

15 Aug 2020

An Omani doctor has been selected as a member of the board of the global organisation – Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) – which officiates several international awards in proteomic sciences as well other science and technology awards. Dr Adhari bint Abdullah al Za’abi from Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH), is the first from Oman and the Arab world to work along an elite team of scientists and researchers from around the world in the arbitration panel of HUPO.

In a statement on her accomplishment, Dr Adhari said, “For about one year, I have been engaged in joint research with an international team within HUPO, and I have been selected as member of the board of the global organisation to officiate at international awards within the arbitration panel of the global organisation, along with an elite team of scientists and researchers from world countries where not a single Arab state is represented.”
She added, “My presence in the organisation will enhance international cooperation with the SQU, including cooperation with the HUPO and scientists organising global events aimed to foster scientific research.

Dr Adhari obtained MD from Sultan Qaboos University and she was the top of the batch. She also obtained PhD with distinction in the field of cancer research (breast, colon) from the United States.

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins, and HUPO is an international organisation focusing on clinical research in human protein. It works to comprehend molecular structure of human proteins, being the prime mover of all other body functions, and then associate protein research with genes to form a comprehensive vision about the functions of human body, the causes of diseases and ways of treatment and protection against diseases.

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