Monday, August 15
01:25 PM

We’ll be there…soon!

12 Aug 2020

Yes, I’m with you. I want to go to parks to spend my evenings amid nature, to take delight in the sight of lush lawns and beautiful flowerbeds that seem to represent colourful printed fabric straight out of a textile mill. I want to breathe in fresh air, hear birds chirp, see squirrels scamper away into tree trunks and butterflies flutter around with dreamy movements. But, we are not yet there!

All of us, especially young children and senior citizens who have been deprived from even visiting supermarkets and malls, have been waiting too long for things to get better and for parks/beaches to open up. On one hand, there is great insight in the restrictions imposed by the authorities for everyone’s welfare, and on the other, lies the impatience and craving of those dying to head outdoors.

Since we have been cooperative and understanding for the past five months, we just need to hold our horses for a few more days. Agreed, that open places  in parks are much more safer than closed premises, but a few careless visitors could spoil the show for all. And none of us want to return home with a runny  nose or a temperature warm enough to toast our evening snack after simply playing in a park. So, let’s wait a little more.

The other service pending since long – barber shops and beauty salons – is also something that we have no option but to patiently await. I, too, have long tresses that resemble those of Mel Gibson in Braveheart, but I don’t mind waiting a little longer. After all, even Gibson got caught by the virus while I’m still safe. It’s also good, as most people have already been doing, to play barber at home and cater to each other. Or, give yourself Spa treatments at home at your own convenience. All you need, is a will to do so.

I also have been missing eating out. There isn’t the same joy in ordering food home (though it does come with added risks), than in dining at a restaurant amid chitchat and bonhomie with friends and family. I dream these days about being seated in a restaurant with my favourite food served out to me by a smiling steward. But that gets instantly converted into a nightmare with make-believe sights of ugly caricatures of the coronavirus dancing all around, waiting to devour me instead.

So guys, since we have been cooperating well and patiently foregoing our normal life all these months, lets not undo it by turning impatient at the finish line. Victory is just a stone’s throw away. We’ll be there…soon!



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