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Strict measures to ensure fare competition: TRA

9 Aug 2020

Aiming to prevent anti-competitive behaviour between telecom operators in the Omani market, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) on Sunday amended some rules keeping the requirements in the public interest.

The authority, on its own or based on a complaint, can now initiate an investigation into a licensee’s activities if it feels the actions of the company are preventing or limiting competition or violating prior regulatory obligations.

In a statement, TRA said, it has amended some provisions of Resolution No 70/2013 regarding the rules for post-market regulation (anti-competitive behaviour).

Based on the decision, Article (4) of Post Market Regulation Rules (Anti-competitive Actions) has been replaced by the following text that reads as follows: “The authority, on its own initiative or based on a complaint submitted by the concerned parties, may initiate investigations to ensure that the actions or activities of the licensee prevent or limit competition or provide facilities that are contrary to competition or violate prior regulatory obligations, in accordance with the procedures for adjudicating competition complaints contained in the attached annex.”

According to TRA, a judgement on complaints must be made within 90 days from the date of acceptance of the complaint or it can initiate an investigation on its own and issue a decision against the violating party, or extend the investigation period, if the circumstances of the complaint require more time.

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