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Let the mind lead your revelry

9 Aug 2020

For the first time in several centuries, Eid al Adha celebrations faced several restrictions all over the world as well as in Oman. With evening curfew in force in the sultanate, people all over Oman were home bound as all outdoor revelry and socialising came to a grinding halt. For Balqees al Hassani, a resident of Amerat, however, the restrictions didn’t spell gloom, as she believes that the mind should be at the forefront of all celebrations. Here’s how she describes her ‘Eid al Adha 2020’:

For many of us Muslims, Eid is considered as a festive event where families and children get together and the happiness flourish among family members. This year, we celebrated Eid differently. As such, there was no social gathering, no morning Eid prayers at the Masjid, and the celebration was done remotely and virtually, in place of face-to-face and physical greeting, as is done always.

For me, this year, in my humble opinion, I found Eid different to the norm but it was one way to self-reflect on all the bounty we take for granted, that we didn’t appreciate earlier. This Eid taught me that your mind should be the frontline to celebrate any event and your soul will follow. For example, I greeted my mom by a telephone call, sent her our family pictures, and she did the same. I had a Zoom call with all my brothers and sisters along with our collective children together. Everything was online, everything was using technology.

We still had Shuwa together as a family, yet in a very small scale, and that was only a small subset of our family, in comparison to the entire family. We had a BBQ night where we invited our family virtually using Zoom. It was fun, too, but no way compared to the norm.

Do I miss the way we used to celebrate EID before? Yes. However, I won’t deny that I made the best of it and ensured that my son also feels the joy of Eid.

I hope, this Pandemic eases away and we all get back to the old normal that is favoured by all.

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