Friday, July 01
09:52 AM

38km Barka-Nakhal dual carriageway opens

4 Aug 2020

The Ministry of Transport opened on Tuesday morning the 38km long Barka-Nakhal dual carriageway, starting from Barka industrial area roundabout and ending at Wadi Mistal roundabout.

The full portion the road opening comes after the completion of the last part of the project, which starts from Al Masalamat region and ends in the Al Sadyiah region in Nakhal.

The dual carriageway includes seven interchanges, two Wadi (ravine) bridges, and five roundabouts. It also consists of an underpass for vehicles, six pedestrian tunnels, one pedestrian overpass, and 27km service roads.

The road comes with two (3.75m wide) lanes on each side, (2.5m wide) external asphalt road shoulders, and (1.2m wide) internal asphalt road shoulders. It also features traffic safety facilities, including iron fences along the media strip/roadsides, concrete protective barriers, and pavement floor painting.

This road’s significance lies in its role for further facilitation of traffic flow between wilayats such as Barka, Wadi Al Maawel, Nakhal and Al Awabi.

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