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Lockdown or ‘open up’

29 Jul 2020

Dr Saleh al Fahdi, a businessman, television presenter and speaker, who has created many motivational programmes for youth, to instill morals and often tap at the conscience of many, believes that the lockdown has helped many individuals to ‘open up’ with regard to examining their own potential and letting hidden talents take wing. He hoped that people would apply what they learnt during the lockdown in positive way in the future. Here’s what he has to say: 

Many people perceive the word ‘lockdown’ literally and, based on their perceptions, they become negative towards many crucial issues of their life. For instance, they feel miserable because they cannot go out of their homes, for reasons or no reasons, as before.  We, as humans, love to be free and hate that something can hold us from our normal life activities. But on the other side, we have to differentiate between freedom and harming ourselves and others. 

Being positive to the lockdown, many people have transferred it to ‘open up’ their inner talents which they had no time before to acknowledge how valuable they are. Others, who had very little time to sit with their families have opened up their hearts to their wives, husbands, sons and daughters and discovered how much love they have for them, though it had been silent and cold! They have ‘opened up’ new ways of understanding their families and made them re-build their relations in unique shapes. 

The whole world has experienced the lockdown and people differ in their perceptions towards it from each other. I have seen some neighbours in many countries who did not know each other before, singing together in their balconies in a lovely atmosphere. Others practised sport exercises on their terraces and balconies together with their ‘coach neighbours’, and so on. Myself and many other people found it as a chance to read books, write articles and books, and plan for the next stage with my wife and children. We sit every day together and think of the future and try to draw a plan to achieve our main goals as a family. 

Therefore, it is based on people’s perceptions to either ‘lockdown’ their selves in their boxes (homes, offices etc) or ‘open up’ their talents and feelings for the opportunities that arise in this period. Of course, the lockdown is not an easy experiment but if people think wisely that they have no other choices to protect themselves, their families and their communities, then they start to understand the wisdom of it and benefit as much as they can from this experience. 

Mentioning experience makes me talk about many behaviours that were altered by the lockdown, such as staying out of homes for long periods and buying habits. I hope, that we extract some good lessons out of the lockdown experience and apply it in our life in the upcoming future, such as being very wise in spending money for ‘wants’ and keeping it deliberately for ‘needs’, besides appreciating our families and our nations.

At the end, I hope that the whole world become free from COVID-19 and other pandemics and every human on the earth becomes safe and healthy. 




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