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Souqmazoon: Online marketplace for Omani products launched

28 Jul 2020

A first-of-its kind e-marketplace, primarily supporting SMEs and selling Omani products, has been launched. With a broad range of Omani products, Souqmazoon encourages shoppers to buy locally sourced products. 

The platform approach is built on the strong belief that supporting local products and businesses will have a significant positive economic and societal impact and add to the diversity of products and services available to the community. 

The e-marketplace allows consumers to gain access to a wide variety of products across multiple categories. With a diverse selection of products that are mostly sourced and produced in Oman, the portal is devised to cater to the discerning taste of the evolving online shoppers.

Souqmazoon works with a plethora of Omani organisations coming together to provide a seamless ecosystem that supports the souq’s operations, delivering a secure and efficient selling and buying experience. Key stakeholders include Asyad Express (Logistics), Bank Muscat (Payment Gateway), Oman Data Park (Hosting) and Qaid Al Ard Modern Projects (Technology Partner).

The Souqmazoon platform, app available on Android and iOS platforms, has an increasing number of vendors who have listed their products and started selling. Souqmazoon offers strategic support to SMEs across Oman to sell their products online. The e-marketplace extends support by offering an online shelf space, where vendors can easily sell their products to customers across the country. 

Bader Sulaiman al Yarobi, Founder and CEO, Qaid Al Ardh Modern Projects, which is also an Omani SME, said, “The launch of Souqmazoon is a very important milestone for us. We are particularly happy to be the technology partner for a platform that is specially designed for SMEs and also supports local products. We believe that providing SMEs better access to markets is key to strengthening their contributions to economic development and sourcing products locally is an important step towards more sustainable business practices.” 

He added, “Given the circumstances resulting from COVID-19, we hope the launch of Souqmazoon will contribute to providing a safe and easy to use platform for selling and shopping goods and commodities. Today, more than ever, people are turning to e-commerce for selling and buying. We see a huge opportunity to capitalise on the growing e-commerce trend. The launch of this website allows us to address this growing market and extend consumers and customers a much-needed choice.”

Ali Said al Rashdi, managing director of Muaawana, which is contracted to provide the Vendor Support services for SouqMazoon, said, “Being an Omani SME ourselves, we are delighted to work with an e-commerce platform like Souqmazoon which majorly promotes small and medium businesses and local products. We see this as a great opportunity to offer our professional vendor management services to this innovative platform.”

The company aims to redefine convenience by developing into a customer and vendor-centric, digitally enabled company and pledges an efficient delivery and service system.

Appreciating Souqmazoon, Shatha Abdullah al Jabri, marketing director at Meshan Date Sweets, one of Souqmazoon vendors, said, “I am happy to be part of this robust e-marketplace which offers buyers a safe interface for viewing and purchasing our products. This platform is a significant opportunity for SMEs since it helps us save on costs and reach out to customers across the country. The impact of COVID-19 has increased the popularity of online shopping and we are happy to be part of a professional and reliable platform which provides us with much convenience and opportunities to increase our sales.”

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