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Volunteer group starts plasma donation campaign

26 Jul 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

To help people infected with COVID-19 and speed up their recovery, a volunteer group, Pratheeksha Oman, in cooperation with the Department of Blood Bank Services at the Ministry of Health (MoH), has launched a plasma donation campaign.

Working under the campaign slogan ‘Donate plasma if you are COVID-19 recovered’, the group is actively pursuing recovered patients to come forward and donate plasma and save lives. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ashraf Ali, member, Pratheeksha Oman, said, “We launched this campaign last week. The campaign aims to collect the largest number of COVID-19-recovered patients and initiate them towards plasma donation, helping to treating those infected with the virus. We managed to bring in four expats last week to donate plasma. We are communicating and spreading awareness among the people via social media.” 

George Mathews, one of four people who donated plasma, said, “I decided to donate plasma after my full recovery from COVID-19 infection. I would request all recovered patients to come forward for this noble cause and donate Plasma. Thanks to Pratheeksha Oman for organising the donation campaign and helping the nation.”

Talking about group’s activities, Ali said, “Pratheeksha Oman is a group of like-minded people that has been supporting and undertaking humanitarian activities in Muscat for the past many years. The group comprises 20 expatriates and their families. Our activities include, organising blood donation drives, organ donation awareness programmes, public iftars and distribution of cold water for labourers working outdoors.” 

Ali urged people to make the plasma donation drive a success. “We appeal to all those who have recovered from the COVID-19 infection and with no health complaints for the last 14 days to donate plasma at the Department of Blood Bank Services. We hope to bring around three more people this week to donate,” he said.

(Those wishing to donate plasma can contact: 98420564,   99470923, 99282007 and 98895848)

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