Sunday, September 26
05:53 PM

Quick, cost-effective lessons


To counter the challenges facing the training sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, an Omani entrepreneur has launched an online academy providing a bridge between the trainer and the trainee. The academy is providing a much needed common platform where trainers or training centres can register to offer their courses while anyone interested can register to take the course. 

In an interview with Muscat Daily, Engineer Saleh Obaid al Khaldi, founder of Saleh Al Khaldy Academy, said that the academy offers free and paid training courses in a variety of subjects.

“The platform offers courses by trainers who are experts in their fields. Our plan is to make this a pan-Oman academy that covers a wide range of subjects. In the near future we will try to personalise courses for individuals as well as groups,” he said.

Khaldi said that the challenges facing the training sector during the time of COVID-19 made him take up the idea to set an online academy. “Most of the training centres and training activities has stopped. This training platform will open the door for those centres and trainers who are suffering,” he said.

On the aims and objective of the academy, Khaldi said, “The academy aims to create a common platform and sound training environment for the trainers and the training centres with powerful tools where they can conduct their courses and their learning services.”

“This will also serve as a means for Omani trainers to market their training courses and workshops. We hope to facilitate communication between the public and private sectors and Omani trainers through this platform,” he added.

Talking about the methodology of online courses, Khaldi said that mainly all the courses and the contents of the courses will be conducted online, but one can have some physical classes according to the need. 

Khaldi said his target is middle and large-sized companies (20-1,000 employees) which have a large sales force, more branches, or retail chains that hire high volume of employees. “We are also offering training programmes for individuals as well,” he said.

“Educational agencies or coaches who need to operate more independent systems, either because of customer data privacy or web page design alignment, can avail our services as well,” he added.

Khaldi added that schools and the public sector entities that are looking for easy adoption of e-learning software can also take advantage of the academy. “Small to medium-size training centres, language schools, handicraft centres, skill academies and companies providing external training are our target too,” he said.

On the benefits of those who will attend the academy, Khaldi said, “The most important benefits of e-learning is that online learning accommodates everyone’s needs. Lectures can be taken any number of times and there is always access to updated content. In addition, there is quick delivery of lessons, consistency, reduced costs and effectiveness.”


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