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Oman Air operates 61 special flights to bring Omanis home and fly expats out

20 Jul 2020

Oman Air, the national carrier of the Oman, has operated 61 special flights from March 28 to June 30 to bring people to Oman and take back others to their home countries.

The airline has taken passengers, some of whom were outside Oman for medical treatment, to and from 30 cities including Cairo, Paris, Bangkok, Dubai, and Riyadh. A number of the flights to Muscat also delivered cargo to the country.

In the time that it is not authorised to operate normally, Oman Air will continue to provide special flights on an as-needed basis as it maintains its three weekly round-trip flights connecting Muscat and Khasab, the airline stated. 

Before, during and after all flights, airline personnel have paid close, careful attention to safety requirements for all passengers and crew members, Oman Air said.

‘As it works to serve the sultanate, Oman Air maintains constant communication with airline manufacturers and safety experts to ensure that it meets or exceeds the world’s highest standards.’ 

To ensure that passengers and crew are protected, the airline has instituted an expansive range of health and safety requirements which address the use of personal protective equipment, cleaning, distancing, personal hygiene and cargo-related hygiene.

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