Friday, January 21
04:04 PM

Residents stranded abroad can now return


Oman residents, with valid residency visas, who were stuck abroad have started coming back on special flights, in collaboration with Oman’s government.

Till now, more than 60 Indians, who were stranded in Indian cities, have returned to Oman after receiving the necessary approvals from the authorities. The group mostly included Indian students with families in Oman, and those who had gone for visit or treatments.

With many more expected to come, travel agencies are currently working out a plan to bring them once permissions have been secured from the authorities. They can come either on repatriation flights that are coming and going from Oman, or chartered planes that may be hired, based on demand.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Faiyaz Khan, head of travel, Travel Point, said, that there were a lot of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the European countries who went home for their annual leave and could not come back. “Based on their requests, we, along with other travel agencies and the airlines, are in process of initiating their return to Oman.”

Indeed, the government of Oman has said that residents in Oman could fly back if they received permissions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the respective embassies. “Since we put out a flyer asking those who are interested to come back, we have received so many inquiries and we are working accordingly, to organise flights for them, based on the demand,” Khan said.

There are two ways in which the customers can come back on these planes that will be organised. “They can either finish the formalities themselves and book the tickets or we can book it for them, and advise them on the procedures required to come back,” Khan said.

“After registration by these passengers, it will take about 10 days to secure permission from the authorities, so we will plan these return flights accordingly. Basically, what they need is a letter from their employers on why they got stuck, ID card and passport,” he added.

Travel Point created a flyer and shared it on their social media pages, which was widely received. “We shared the flyer as we could not directly contact all those who are overseas,” Khan said.

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