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Muttrah Fish Market back to business

13 Jul 2020

After three months of shutdown, the Muttrah Fish Market, opened its doors to fish vendors as well the public at the end of June. While fisherman and the vendors had a few tough months, business is slowly getting back to normal and the market has begun witnessing its usual morning hustle and bustle.

Fishermen have started to bring in their catch early in the mornings, and the ritual of bargaining between them and the vendors can be seen before stocks are swiftly moved to the market for retail sale. 

Strict health and safety control measures are in place at the market, with everyone adhering to the precautions. Muscat Municipality staff are monitoring the flow of visitors and checking temperatures of every person at the entrance of the market. 

A Muscat Municipality employee at Muttrah Fish Market said, “Weekdays are usually not much crowded but, on the weekend, especially Friday, there was a lot of traffic and we had to ensure a proper flow of people and restrict the number of customers inside the fish market.”

A fish vendor said, “Weekdays are usually slow but on the weekends business is good,” said one fish seller, while a fisherman, Fahad said that he was relieved that the market opened though business remains challenging due to higher fuel prices and a slow fishing season.

“I am glad that the fish market is open now. It was not convenient for me to sell my daily catch to the supermarket. But I am not earning the same profit I used to get earlier due to fewer people visiting the fish market.”

Although the market is open, the popular Muttrah Souq yet remains closed and parking on the corniche remains suspended to limit visitors to the area. 

(Photo and Text: Syed Fasiuddin)

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