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Brothers in arms

12 Jul 2020

While adults are busy taking up creative initiatives to spend the extra time on hand constructively, there are some children, too, who have traded their playtime for serious activity. Like these two young brothers, Zaid and Temeem, who have made the most of their home quarantine time to set up a little business of making attractive phone straps. And boy, is it helping them generate a good amount of pocket money!

With dexterous fingers and creative minds put together, the two brothers have  not just begun spending their time fruitfully but also bringing on smiles on the faces of a number of customers who have lapped up every bit of their creations and begged for more.

Zaid al Meer is just 13 years old while is brother Temeem al Meer is 12. But together, they are spirited business partners who have acquired business acumen quite early in life, thanks to the lockdown and the fact that they have to stay put at home since schools remain closed. Since they cannot go out to play, they spend their time in this creative way, after attending online classes of their schools.

Zaid goes to The Sultan’s School, which had a total of  six weeks of online classes during the lockdown while Temeem goes to Al Soud Global School which had online classes till mid June.

“We both enjoy swimming, trekking and lego games,” says Zaid, adding “I also love playing football, painting landscapes as well as researching history, whereas Temeem, on the other hand, likes boxing and encoding. On a typical quarantine day, we usually spend our day with our little brother, Mahmood, we play Lego games, go swimming, read, watch a movie and play pictionary. However, since we have a lot of free time, we thought of various ways of earning extra pocket money.”

An idea dawned upon them one day when their mother bought some phone straps as gifts for some of her friends. “We saw the straps and thought that we could also design and make our own colourful phone straps,” said Temeem whose creative inputs have given rise to some really trendy and fashionable straps.

Zaid added, “We set up an Instagram account beads_nation.omand designed our own logo. The first few days were spent designing and making phone straps. When we finished making quite a few, we took pictures of them and posted them on our Instagram account. We informed our family about the account and they informed their friends and many started following us.”

Zaid and Temeem both design as well as construct the phone straps with colourful cords, beads and other embellishments. “I take pictures for our Instagram account while Temeem handles the communication with customers for taking orders,” said Zaid, adding, “Many customers loved our work. We managed to sell at least 20 phone straps in about 3 weeks. We also made a few ‘mask holders’, to avoid children from dropping their masks on the floor.”

By managing their little business, the Meer brothers learnt the value of money and understood how much effort goes into the process of earning money. “I hope, that in the future we manage to have more followers and get more orders,” said Zaid, assuring that in the near future they have plans of donating all the money they earn in a week, through this business, to the Ministry of Health towards COVID-19 related welfare work.

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