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The Mathematics of COVID-19

8 Jul 2020

Omani researchers and SMEs specialised in education, online training and data sciences received a masterclass on decoding data on the COVID-19 pandemic for societal applications as well as to explore its repercussions and impacts.

The Research Council (TRC), in collaboration withData Academy of Horizons Consulting and Training, organised a webinar titled ‘The Mathematics of COVID-19’, on July 7. This was done within the council’s efforts to disseminate scientific and research knowledge about the novel coronavirus, the role of various pure and applied sciences in dealing with the pandemic, as well as supporting and encouraging Omani SMEs that are specialised in education, online training, and data sciences.

The webinar was presented by Prof Marika Taylor, head of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton and a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, who talked about the importance of mathematics in exploring the spread of the coronavirus and its various effects and potential implications by analysing health data to figure out the proper and scientific way of relaxing a lockdown.

Prof Marika’s talk stressed on the importance of mathematical sciences in addressing global challenges, such as the current pandemic. She also highlighted how cutting-edge fundamental science is increasingly being exploited for societal applications.

In her presentation, Prof Marika briefed on the new mathematical techniques that have been developed to look for structure and patterns in data. In addition, she discussed how mathematical sciences is being used to explore the spread of COVID-19, as well as its repercussions and impacts.

The discussion also focused on mathematical models, data analysis and the presentation of model forecasting tools to help authorities make the right decisions to respond to the pandemic and work to manage them in a scientifically codified manner.




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