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Private companies to face hefty fines, closure for failing to abide by COVID-19 measures

5 Jul 2020

The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) has issued a a ministerial decision stipulating the right to close down a private establishment on the recommendation of the epidemiological investigation team of the Ministry of Health.  

The ministry further strenghtened the regulatory measures my stipulating fines for violations by the private sector with regards to keeping a check on the spread of the novel coronavirus.  

H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah al Bakri, Minister of Manpower, issued a Ministerial Decision (No. 186/2020) amending some provisions of the regulations dealing with the private sector establishments who violate the decisions of the Supreme Committee dealing with COVID- 19.  

The decision stated, “Without prejudice to the stipulated fines, the Ministry of Manpower and the competent authorities have the right to close private sector establishments upon the recommendation of the epidemiological investigation team formed by the Ministry of Health.” 

According to the decision, the companies violating the COVID-19 health guidelines and not protecting their workers will be liable to pay fines ranging from RO100 to RO500. 

RO500 fine for not providing quarantine facilities for staff or not having a contract with a specialised company that provides quarantine service with a security guard to ensure isolation of the employee. 

RO300 fine for not dividing employees in each accommodation according to their distribution in the workplace with the availability of separate dining areas and toilets to limit mixing of groups during meals. 

RO300 fine for not leaving a vacant seat between workers while they are transported in vehicles. 

RO100 fine for overcrowding in a workers accommodation. 

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