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1 Jul 2020

Prema Nagesh, founder of Vyaniti yoga, who has been teaching therapeutic yoga for over 25 years in Muscat, believes that interaction and initiative can bring new meaning to life. And greater interaction within families helped people take initiative and discover greater realms of happiness during the lockdown, she says.

Giving herself an opportunity to explore her potential, Prema said she tried many new things during the extra time at hand and surprisingly, found hersef doing things which she never imagined she could. From delivering online lessons in yoga, to people with a greater reach, to practising singing, doing gardening and picking up tips from her pet cat, Prema says she met her true self within the confines of her own home during the lockdown.

“My learning during the lockdown period was immense. Online teaching itself was a new concept for me, which I learnt, and now realised its potential to reach out globally for the welfare of all during this vital time,” says Prema, “My journey before and during the lockdown brought about a remarkable learning process. My interaction with my students has become virtual, though my attention towards them has increased during these times as I guide them during daily classes to help them stay away from coronavirus and keep them healthy.”

She further said that she spent the initial period of the lockdown learning how to be a professional online yoga teacher, and today, all Vyaniti teachers are online and giving free ‘pranayama’ sessions to people across the globe over different time zones.

“During the lockdown our teaching focused on being stronger, physically and emotionally. Many had felt sick and tired sitting at home and yoga classes daily helped in soothing them to take care of themselves in this pandemic situation,” she said.

Globally, the importance of ’12 steps to good health’, (sun salutations as one of the best way to take care of health) was also propagated as it has helped many to stay fit. This was important as all outings and outdoor fitness activities were prohibited, besides being cumbersome to perform these wearing face masks, she pointed out.

Also, Prema participated in the 6thInternational Day of Yoga observances in association with the Indian Embassy and shared techniques of ‘pranayama’ (breathing techniques) via live sessions. Significantly, her aged parents, who are staying with her in Muscat, have also been practising daily yoga to increase their physical strength and immunity.

“We want to share that senior citizens who are very vulnerable to COVID-19 should practise breathing techniques and few basic yoga asanas to improve lung capacity and keep themselves physically fit and active,” Prema said, adding that some of her students participated online in a yoga competition held by SGS Yoga International Foundation College and Research Centre and many won prizes.

Prema also trained herself in many technical skills, like making videos, besides improving hersinging skills through online classes. “Mudra, our pet cat, wasalso there to entertain us and teach us to be happy, totally unaffected by the happenings around,” she said acknowledging the fact that even pets can silently deliver tips for happiness to family members.

“I have also started spending more time in the garden, amidst nature, besides the quality time I spend with my family, especially my parents who have faced many difficult times in their life,” she said, adding, “I have realised one thing – no one can make you happy, unless you choose to be happy with yourself first. And yoga helps you acquire this divine quality.”


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