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Pack in a punch online

29 Jun 2020

It’s not only about churning out magic portions in a wok or learning zumba or yoga in front of your computer, the current lockdown has compelled people in Muscat to take up many more challenging tasks, the latest being the ability to pack in a punch and experience a new high. 

Shotokan Karate Center has begun conducting online training lessons for its students from all branches through online videoconferencing (via Zoom) on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. A large number of regular students who were missing their weekly training, as well as newcomers, have started enjoying this new found solace in throwing in a punch or a kick in their own homes, albeit within safe distance from family members as well as furniture laid around them. 

The coaches conducting the lessons through the online programme include an  elite group including Sensei Yusuf Alsiyabi, Sensei Hilal Alabdali, Sensei Munthir Bilal, Sensei Ahmed Alsiyabi, under supervision of Sensei Nawaz Mukairi – the head of the Shotokan Karate Center. 

The classes comprise diversified training lessons including fitness improvement and revision of the basics of Kata and its explanations. In addition to brief explanation to the importance of healthy nutrition for karate players, the training includes healthy behaviour to be observed during the current situation throughout the world to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

Coach Hilal Alabdali disclosed that ever since they started online training a few weeks ago, the numbers of participants has been increasing. 

“The centre is thankful and appreciative of parents of the players for encouraging their sons and daughters to take part in the training lessons to remain fit as well as in touch with what they hav earllier learnt,” he said. 


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