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MoCI ensures availability of food, consumer goods in Dhofar

27 Jun 2020

There is no shortage of food and consumer goods in Dhofar Governorate with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) ensuring all essential commodities are available throughout the region. Special efforts have been made in this regard as the governorate went under lockdown from June 13.  

The ministry stated, special arrangements have been made to avoid spreading of the coronavirus and guarantee availability of food items and consumer goods in all markets of the governorate.  

The ministry, in coordination with the government organisations, announced that the entry of goods to Dhofar would be allowed under certain conditions. ‘The drivers would be allowed to enter the governorate without any escorts and would not be allowed to mix with others in the governorate. During unloading and exiting the governorate, the driver would remain inside the truck. The process would be complete within 24 hours. 

In addition to this, all preventive measures, as decided by the organisations concerned with the prevention of the spread of coronavirus, would be abided, including washing of hands, maintaining physical distancing, wearing masks and gloves, and healthy habits when sneezing and coughing.’ 

The ministry said, that in case of violations, legal action would be taken against the companies which would not abide by these terms and conditions. 

‘These actions are in the framework of the precautionary measures taken by the sultanate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as well as in the light of the efforts being made by the concerned organisations and the decision of the Supreme Committee to lockdown Dhofar governorate,’ it stated. 

Jamal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Hinai, director general of Commerce and Industry in Dhofar Governorate, said,

“Even before the closure of the governorate, a meeting was held with the directors of various departments in wilayat Thumrait, Al Mazyona, and the director of commerce regarding advanced coordination with the marketing companies, including those of the food items, consumer goods, oil marketing and commercial banks. There is always a permanent communication with these companies.” 

Hinai added. “All the directorates and departments of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry are keeping an eye on these markets to ensure that they follow proper steps and preventive measures which are necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. There is also continuous coordination between the ministry and the relevant government organisations and private sector companies to follow this approach and make the work of dealing with this crisis easy and better.” 

Engineer Hussain bin Hathith bin Mayouf al Bathari, chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (OCCI) Dhofar branch, lauded the efforts and cooperation between the MoCI and the chamber to make procedures for local companies and factories of the governorate easy. He said that the Dhofar governorate branch of the OCCI has taken many measures to guarantee the availability of the necessary foodstuffs and other supplies during the period of lockdown. 

“It has formed a Committee for Food Security and Consumer Affairs, which is always in touch with the government organisations and the private sector as well as with the owners of food and consumer goods centres to ensure necessary supplies during the lockdown. It encourages smooth flow of goods and services between various wilayats of the governorate and other governorates. It also urged owners of commercial centres, suppliers and traders to import directly through local ports,” Bathari said.

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