Wednesday, November 29
10:41 AM

Nearly 25 percent of total cases in Oman from Seeb

25 Jun 2020

Wilayat Seeb is the hostspot for new cases of COVID-19 and has around 25 per cent of the total cases in Oman.  

Dr Saif al Abri, director general of disease surveillance and control, Ministry of Health said that now Wilayat Seeb has about 25 per cent of the total number of cases in the Oman.  
“Most infections are reported among Omanis due to population density and social contact between people,” he said. 

He said that the nature of society in Seeb is different from Muttrah. “Authorities have taken many measures that are similar to what was done in Muttrah, but in Seeb there more factories and companies,” he said. 
Seeb also witnessed some weddings which caused some cases. “A greater number of infections were recorded in Seeb in factories and major companies, and measures were taken, including the closure of a housing complex for a company that had 2067 workers,” he said. 


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