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Haya Water takes measure to comabt COVID-19

23 Jun 2020

Haya Water has been carrying on many preventive and safety measures to deal with the crisis of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has a significant role in casting reassurance among employees in the workplace. As a result, employees have been motivated to continue providing various services to the beneficiaries.  

Engineer / Hussain bin Hassan AbdulHussain, Haya Water’s CEO confirmed that the Company has taken many precautions procedures aiming at protecting its employees through reducing the risks of transmission of the virus. “Our objectives are to protect our employees from the epidemic spreading as well as protecting our customers who are considered as partner to us.”  

He added: “The Company has effective business continuity plan to deal with such crisis. The plan has been targeting the Company’s employees and its customers. Besides, customers were urged to take advantages of the distinguished online services being provided by the Company. Worth to be mention that the Company has been receiving lots of requests and applications either through its website or the call center.  

About the precautions procedures that the Company have been taken, AbdulHussain stated that the Company has coordinated with Muscat Municipality to provide sterilization’s equipments in order to purify and sterilize Haya Water premises including work sites such as treatment plants and offices.  

In-compliance with the Supreme Committee on COVID-19 decision to reduce the number of employees to 30 per cent, the Information Technology Department at Haya Water has offered a platform to its employees to be able to work remotely.  

In addition, when the government announced the return of at least of 50 per cent of employees to the workplace, Haya Water put in place a mechanism to ensure the implementation of this measure and precautions. The main procedures are urging employees through continuous awareness messages to wear a face-mask, apply social distance.  
Stemming from their sense of duty towards society as well as activating Haya Water values, employees contributed to Fund the government efforts Combating COVID-19.  

On this initiative, the CEO commented: “I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to the employees who contributed to support the government fight this pandemic. This is not new for Haya Water’s members. They have been continuously contributing to various charitable events including “Lets’ Make them Happy”, “Back to School” and others.    

Health, Safety and Environment team has been organizing continuous visits to all sites to ensure that everyone is following  instructions that were issued at the workplaces. 

Corporate Communications Department also has been playing a vital role during the pandemic period, by broadcasting several educational messages on how to deal with this pandemic and providing employees with the instructions that were issued by the various concerned departments. The company’s communication platforms have been used to broadcast various messages. 

From his part, Mohammed bin Khalfan Al Amri, Head of Compensation Section at Haya Water said:  “I would like to thank the Company’s Management for the great efforts that have been done to counter the spread of the Corona virus.  
He stated: “I have noticed that the preventive measures that have been put in place had a great impact on spreading reassurance among employees, mainly who are required to be available in the field to ensure service continuity.”   
Al Amri added: “I would like to thank my colleagues for their commitment to the instructions that were issued by the Company and for applying them in full.”  

Haitham Al Masrori, Learning and Development Supervisor at Haya Water commented: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Company has implemented many preventive and precautionary measures in order to protect the safety of its employees as well its customers. “I am pleased to see everyone is taking part in the campaign and following instruction to ensure tasks are being implemented effectively”.  


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