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Enjoying this new found time

21 Jun 2020

Rawan al Mahrouqi, a young Omani artist who runs Makan Studio, where she imparts art education to students of all ages, from young children to professional adults, believes in someday turning Oman into a place where art abounds in every corner. During the current lockdown, Rawan, spent most of her time with art and did not experience boredom even though her classes were closed.

Rawan is of the opinion that there is an artist hidden in every person and that it is only a matter of time when the person finds expression for this inherent trait. Some people go for professional training while some people express art in the way they conduct themselves in life. Hence, she asserts, that with little training, anyone can take to art in many different ways. And, Rawan hopes to be instrumental in the lives of many people in Oman who can find expression for the artist within themselves so that the sultanate would some day be teeming with artists of all denominations.

For an artist, solitude is a good friend, and during the current lockdown, with her art classes temporarily suspended, Rawan decided to continue her journey on her own. An art graduate from Sultan Qaboos University who has initially worked as an art teacher for local institutions, Rawan’s Makan Sudio is home to not just sketching and painting but also, sculpting, fluid art and many other uses of mixed media art. And she chose to immerse herself in art in her studio, taking this period as a great opportunity to devote more time to her own talent.

“During these strange times, I’ve taken to my art in a big way and spent my days doing research, creating new artworks and enjoying this new found time without distractions,” she said adding, “There are times when it was tough. Especially, that I had to close down my business @makanstudios temporarily to this day.”

With a positive outlook and hoping that the clouds would clear up soon to usher in sunshine in everyone’s life, Rawan says, “I have learned so much in this time about myself and my goals, also about the important things in life. Currently, I am taking commissions on oil paintings; people ask me to paint portraits of themselves, of their children and even of their pets. So, I spent most of my time in my studio with paint stains all over my clothes and face. I enjoy it very much.”

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