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Conditions, fines set for private sector to curb COVID-19

21 Jun 2020

The Ministry of Manpower has issued a ministerial decision setting the list of conditions for private sector companies to deal with COVID-19 and set fines for violators, which can go upto RO500. 

The decision (167/2020), issued by H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah al Bakri, Minister of Manpower, stated that the Ministry of Manpower and the competent authorities are responsible for controlling private sector establishments in case of any violations of the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee, and they are entitled to take necessary measures to ensure their compliance with the decisions.


Some of the fines included in the decision:

RO100 – No social distancing signs at work sites or workers’ accommodation.

RO 100 – Not wearing masks in public transports or workplaces.

RO 100 – Not providing sanitisers at workplaces or labour accommodations.

RO100 – If sanitizers contain less than 60 per cent of alcohol content.

RO100 – No multi-language awareness posters at work sites.

RO 500 – No security guards to register/monitor workers/ visitors in labour camps.

RO100 – Not disinfecting work tools and equipment.

RO100 – Not training workers about precautionary measures to avoid the virus.

RO100 – No internal emergency plan to deal with COVID-19

RO500 – No special mechanisms to report workers suspected to have COVID-19.


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